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Apply For A Free Lead Generation Audit!

Here at Shortlist Marketing we understand that it has been difficult to generate leads in recent months. 

We're offering our help to three qualified businesses every month so they can better understand what they can do to grow. Our help and expertise will come the form of a free impartial audit of your company's lead generation activities. From this audit you will:

  • Have recommendations on how to generate more sales
  • You'll know what activities are working and want aren't
  • You will understand your market and data
  • Have support from a team with over 25 years experience

To apply for one of these audits scroll down and see if you can qualify!


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" If you are chosen for one of our free audits I will lead the project with support from some of our most experienced team members. I have over 25 years' experience in B2B lead generation and have run small and multi-million pound marketing departments.

I have generated leads in recessions, boom years and through economic uncertainty and my experience will be central to your audit."

Phil Richardson,

Managing Director

The Project Process

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Do you reach our criteria to register?

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You Sell B2B

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You are a Decision Maker

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You have a Desire to Grow your Business

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Clear Sales and Marketing Strategy

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Willing to be Honest

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